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SPLASH! Poems of Our Watery World

   Ocean Rhythms
Wave after wave
each wave
a beat
each beat
each stretch
This is Earth’s
old wild heart

“From water bubbling over a stone to dewdrops glistening on the grass, award-winning poet Constance Levy takes us on an unforgettable journey that explores the mystery and magic of water. Her evocative collection of poetry examines our most precious resource in its many natural states –dew, ice, fog, rain, snow, and mist – and pays tribute to its varied uses in our daily lives... ”
(from book flyleaf)


"This delightful collection of 34 poems celebrates water’s mystical, metamorphic properties in nature and our daily lives. Using simple descriptive vocabulary and effectively employing rhythm, rhyme and repetition in varying poetic styles, Levy explores topics from rainbows and stalactites to bubbles and tea time. This is an accessible, charming collection with imaginative, kid-friendly similes and metaphors and poems that run the gamut from lyrical to playful. It’s sure to get children to appreciate both water and poetry in new ways."

–Booklist, April 2002


"Constance Levy’s latest book of poetry for children, SPLASH! is a delightful meditation on the multiple personalities of water... In this slim volume of bounding verbs and tactile adjectives, Levy evokes dozens of forms that water takes: raindrops, ocean waves, ice, soap bubbles, fog snowflakes and many more... There is mastery in every carefully wrought line of Levy’s deceptively simple verse... In language and imagery that is accessible to young children, Levy has delivered a delightful book that will encourage adults to slow down and notice the world around them and rekindle a childlike awe of our most precious natural resource."

–St. Louis Post Dispatch


"The variety of voices, all a mixture of praise, delight and celebration, makes this a first choice for all collections…these poems can be recited and enjoyed again and again.

–School Library Journal, May 2002